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Established in 1987, ABS International is a reliable, experienced and regular supplier of jute and jute products to all four corners of the world. we are a major Jute Products exporter in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is the Home of Jute and World's Largest Producer. The best quality jute is found at the most competitive prices from Bangladesh. Being long established in business, ABS International are fully conversant with the product and its importance in the world today. Our experience is rivaled by a only a few and as we value the needs of our customers and aim to continue the best service to existing and new customers alike, we stand apart from others. Some of the variety of jute & jute products that we export include raw jute or jute fibre, hessian cloth or burlap cloth, hessian sacks and bags, hessian rolls, sacking cloth and bags including Binola bags or B-Twill Bags, yarn and twine, carpet and furniture backing cloth, jute webbing, carpet backing cloth, geo jute soil savers or embankment protection, scaffolding cloth etc. See our product page for more about what we export.

The Golden Fibre:

The endowed climate of Bangladesh permits abundant growth of the best quality jute. The unique fibre is produced from the bark of a slender tropical plant belonging to the tiliaceae family, with two species: Chorchorus capsularis and Corchorus olitorius. Industrial revolution breakthroughs emerged it as a versatile raw material from traditional uses and innumerable additions, modificationsand innovations in manufacturing makes it an indispensable material for an array of uses. 100% biodegradability and proven adaptability makes it the fibre of the future.Thus development of diversified use continues despite challenges from synthetic substitutes.

Advantages of Jute Goods:

The most environmentally friendly natural fibre due to inherent unique properties, has counts of advantages over man made fibre products. Dimensional Stability: Extends only 0.5% under stress to stable form. Capacity to Grip: Hairy strands of fabric grips to any surface, permitting high and wide stacking without risk of slippage. Physical Stability: Stable upto ignition point at 193C. Intact physical properties guard distortion even at boiling point. Storage without Deterioration: Hygroscopic and auriferous properties permit normal breathing and humidity to contents.Reparability and Reusability: Innate properties cover up pierced holes immediately after made by hooks, preventing seepage loss and permitting reuse. Biodegradability: Prevents plugging of natural pore of earth soil or surface. Safety: Burning emits same fume as burning wood and has no adverse effects on human body and Mother Nature.

End Uses of Jute Goods:

Raw jute or jute fibre has emerged as the second most important natural fibre in the world after cotton. It is said to have a 1001 uses and experimentation and blending with other raw materials is adding to the uses everyday. It is ideally used as bags and sacks for packing almost all kinds of agricultural products, minerals, fertilizers, cement etc; wool packs and cotton bales; wrapping materials; carrier and backing fabric for carpets and linoleum; cordage and twines; webbing to cover inner springs in auto seats and for the upholstery of furniture; cargo separators in ships, brattice cloth for mine ventilation and partition; filling material in cables; roofing and floor covering apparel, footwear lining; wall covering and furnishing fabric; fashion accessories; jute geo-textile for erosion control, paper pulp etc.


ABS International welcomes enquiries of all sorts. Our profile confirms our importance as an exporter of Jute and Jute Products. We are authorised dealers of BJMC and can thus provide highly competitive prices as well as tap into the vast resources and research facilities.

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ABS International
House # 2-A, Road # 73, Gulshan - 2
Dhaka 1212
Tel : +880-01977638673
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